Admire Someone’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own

Admiring Someone’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own

I just rolled up to a gas station. I’m late for work. I have no idea why I don’t just get gas AFTER work. I know I’m not a morning person and should know better than to think I’m going to get up even earlier to go fill up my car. Nevertheless, here I am. No makeup, stocking hat to cover up my rat’s nest and I’m wearing the same sweatshirt I think I’ve worn three days in a row. I look across the pumps and see this gorgeous woman step out of her car. She looks flawless. She’s not even trying either! I can tell she has little to no makeup on. Her hair has that effortless curl. Wtf….


I feel myself start to get all insecure and ashamed of myself. In order to make myself better, I start to decide who this woman is without even knowing her name. “Oh, she’s probably a stay at home mom who just has all of the time in the world to get ready.” “Oh, she’s pretty but her personality probably sucks.” Woah woah woah!!! 


Am I seriously tearing down this queen to make myself feel better?? 


I have caught myself doing this time and time again. Why do we get so angry and jealous over someone else’s beauty?? They didn’t even have to do anything annoying and I’m just annoyed with them! I think it’s partially just human nature, but it obviously has a lot to do with our own mindset and insecurities. 


I challenge you and myself (obviously not perfect at this) to talk to ourselves about others a little differently. Let’s face it, the world is FULL of beautiful women. There is always going to be someone prettier than you. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s just how life is honey. Why don’t we freakin’ celebrate it!? Admire it!! 


Here are some phrases that I like to say to myself….


“Oh my gosh, look at her just werkin’ it for women everywhere. We’re beautiful.” 


“She has little thighs and I have big thighs. We’re both beautiful.” 


“Yas queen.” (this one just makes me smile)


“Oh I see you. Lookin’ all fancy and sh#t. Go slay baby girl.” 


“Her skin is radiating!! I hope it brightens up someone’s day.” 


I have also found it helpful to completely turn this internal self talk away from outer beauty. 


“She’s so pretty….I hope she has a great day today and everyone treats her with the respect she deserves.” 


“She’s so pretty…I hope the world is gentle with her heart today.” 


“She’s so pretty…she’s going to stand up for herself today.” 


“She’s so pretty…she’s going to find fulfillment in her work.” 


“She’s so pretty…I hope others listen to her today.” 


Pretend she’s your friend. Pretend you’re writing her a fortune cookie. Give her all the warm wishes and good vibes you’d give your friends. Pretty strangers are not your enemy. Someone else’s beauty does not make you ugly.


I don’t know what you’re doing today, but I challenge you to help cultivate a culture where we raise each other up. And we raise ourselves up!! I hope you see the beauty in others, see the beauty in yourself and admire all of it with the gentleness and love it deserves. 

Much Love, 



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