You Aren’t a Bad Person for Feeling a Little Jealous


You aren’t a bad person for feeling a little jealous. 

My friend just got a new house. It’s way bigger than mine and has all of the things that I’d want in my dream home. That’s okay!! That is AWESOME for her!! Her house gives me so much inspiration! It is completely natural for me to feel a little jealous. She has something that I want. I don’t need to completely suppress that emotion and pretend that I’m not! It is very possible to be jealous of someone AND be happy for them at the same time. 

We are human beings. You aren’t a bad person for feeling a little jealous. I think sometimes when trying to become “the best version of ourselves” we start to dog on ourselves if we are feeling any sort of negative emotion. Negative emotions do not mean you are a bad person! It’s what you do with your emotions that defines you. 

Let’s say you were to tell that friend, “Wow, this house is everything I want in my dream home. I’m so jealous! Good for you!” You’re calling yourself out, but it’s in a light-hearted way so your friend knows that you aren’t actually upset with them personally. A bad friend would probably not say much and tell everyone that you’re materialistic or start a rumor about you marrying your husband for money. 

See the difference? 

Cut yourself some slack! It’s okay to feel what you feel!! We all get jealous from time to time. You don’t need to suppress that emotion! Acknowledge it for what it is and then move on. 

You aren’t a bad person for feeling a little jealous.

Much Love, 


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