How to Lose Weight With Subtle Changes


Hey there! I’m Rachel, co-founder of Subtle Impacts. I’m 24 years young, 5’ 8” tall and weigh 145lbs. As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder for over eight years and someone who has fluctuated from 130lbs to 170lbs over the course of those years, I have found myself overwhelmed with the notion of weight loss from time to time. 

My lowest weight was during the months prior to my divorce. At that time my appetite was completely gone, and I was working out a lot as a means to cope with my emotions. I had people telling me I looked great, but I didn’t feel great at all. Sure my body was probably at its’ healthiest, but my mental state was a hot mess. 

My highest weight was during my junior year of college. I had just studied abroad the semester before and kind of put my nutritional health on the back burner. I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was eating or why I was eating. I just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. 

Now I’m here. In the middle. 

I have my disorder under control and feel like I am finally in a healthy routine that works for me. So what has worked for me?? How did I get to where I am now? 

  • Counting Calories: There are a ton of opinions on this topic. Lots of pros, lots of cons, but for me; it gave me control. I knew if I stayed within my calorie budget (I like to call it a budget because I think budgets are fun and “calorie limits” have a negative connotation in my head) then I would be good. Knowing what I put into my body relieves my anxiety. 

I also feel like I don’t have to restrict myself (aka I can eat whatever I want) but I just have to budget it accordingly. 

  • One Bad Thing: On the days that I don’t keep track of my calories (yeah I probably only do that four days a week) I like to eat “one bad thing” a day. Quitting or leaving out something that I LOVE for an entire day just doesn’t work for me. I have cravings on the regular and not allowing myself to eat what I love makes me very cranky. When I started to eat just one bad thing a day I realized that I was eating unhealthy for every single meal…..whoops!! 
  • Self-Talk: At the end of the day (unless you can afford a personal chef & someone to follow you around and monitor your diet) it’s up to YOU. You are in control of what you put into your body. I try to ask myself why I’m eating something before I’m eating it. Am I eating this food to nourish my body? My soul? Because I’m bored?? It helps me to talk through my choices. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever eat when I’m bored or eat because I’m feeling overwhelmed, it just means I’m more aware of my habits and my emotions. I try to talk myself UP! No matter how I am eating. 
    • “I’m eating another piece of pizza, because IT’S GOOD!! I deserve this!” 
    • “I just ate a chicken sandwich instead of a burger and that sh*& was fire!! I like healthy food!” 
    • “I”m out with my friends, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this meal with them and not feel guilty about it.” 
    • “I’m not where I want to be but I’m excited about my health and how my lifestyle is evolving.” 
    • “It’s okay to have set-backs. Having a set-back doesn’t mean I’m not going to reach my goals.” 
    • “I love healthy food and unhealthy food. Both serve a beautiful purpose in my life and I enjoy them both. I don’t let either consume me.” 

I can’t stress this enough…..DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!! I know you see that a lot, but seriously…don’t do some crazy diet that makes you feel miserable. If you love the Keto diet and that works for you….do it!! Whatever your plan is, just make sure it’s attainable and realistic for YOU! 

Keep in mind that someone else’s plan might not work exactly the same for you. You have a different body and a completely different life!! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but we all have different activities, struggles and situations surrounding us. 

I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian. I’m just a regular person who also struggles with balancing pleasure and health. Like I said, I feel like I’m finally in a healthy routine but there are always good and bad days. Life’s life, ya know? 

I’m proud of you for where you are now. Whether you’re at the beginning of your health journey or in the middle or you’ve just hit your goal. You’re absolutely beautiful. Be gentle with your mind. Be gentle with your body. 

Much Love, 


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