10lb Decorative Weight | Single | Black


This weight is designed to declutter your space, inspire your creativity and promote productivity in both your health & home. Having a cluttered space can clutter your mind, but leaving out your weights can help motivate you on your health journey. Now you can have those subtle reminders without the clutter. Oh, and never feel guilty about your purchase because you get to use it 24/7!

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This 10lb decorative weight was designed to enhance both your health and home.

10lb Decorative Weight Impact Collection

    • High quality cast iron
    • Ergonomic design for multi-function use and comfort

***DISCLAIMER: This piece functions as both a decor piece as well as a weight. Exercise is not without its risks and using Subtle Impacts products may result in injury. Subtle Impacts disclaims any liability from and in connection with this decorative weight. Use caution when using both functions of this piece.

Weight10 lbs


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